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Construction & Development


We manage the design and construction of complex real estate projects from beginning to end, handling every detail to ensure a successful, on-budget outcome. Our construction and development services range from fitting out individual tenant spaces, to complete shopping center renovations, to property expansions and full redevelopments.

We are adept at managing the governmental approval process for redevelopments, including coordinating land use attorneys, architects, engineers and other professionals needed to obtain approvals from various boards and agencies.

When it comes to landlord work for a new tenant, we provide preliminary budgets based on our knowledge of current construction pricing, and competitively bid the work once the lease is being finalized.

Our tenant coordination personnel monitor construction and signage plan submissions, ensuring that tenants obtain proper permits for their work and provide adequate insurance for their contractors. We strive to assist tenants in expediting their work so they can get their businesses open and the rental income started for the property owner.

Our construction personnel also manage large-scale capital improvement projects, such as re-roofing and parking lot repaving, so these projects can be done properly and without significant interruption to the day-to-day operations at the property.

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