Redevelopment Plans at Flemington Marketplace include a new 75,525 SF Target Store

Enhancing Customer Experience and Sustainability

A new Target will join Flemington Marketplace, a vibrant 239,000-square-foot community center located on the highly trafficked Route 202 near Flemington Circle in Flemington, NJ. The redevelopment project is planned for a new 75,525 square-foot Target store to be added to the center. This comprehensive update to the center is set to significantly enhance the shopping experience by integrating modern amenities, boosting sustainability, and aligning the store’s aesthetics with Target’s iconic brand identity. Other key tenants include Kohl’s, Aldi, Michaels, Chilis, Panera Bread, Verizon, Cold Stone Creamery, among others.

Key Features of the Redevelopment

Designated Parking for Online Order Pickups

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, Target is addressing the needs of its digital-savvy customers by designating specific parking spaces for online order pickups. These conveniently located spaces near the store entrance will make it easier for customers to quickly and efficiently collect their purchases.

EV Charging Stations

In a move towards sustainability, the redevelopment includes the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These stations will cater to the increasing number of customers who drive electric vehicles, providing them with a convenient place to charge their cars while they shop.

Facade and Sidewalk Updates

One of the most visible changes will be the updated facade and sidewalk area, designed to reflect Target’s easily recognizable style. The new exterior will feature the brand’s signature color schemes and logo placement, using high-quality materials to ensure a fresh and durable look. The sidewalks will be replaced or repaired to create modern, safe, and accessible pathways that comply with ADA standards.

Starbucks and CVS Pharmacy

The new Target store will also house a Starbucks and a CVS Pharmacy, providing customers with additional convenience and enhancing the store’s appeal. Shoppers can enjoy a cup of coffee while they shop and take advantage of the pharmacy’s services.

Common Area Enhancements

LED Lighting

To improve energy efficiency and provide better illumination, the redevelopment plan includes the installation of new LED lighting on the building.


Aesthetic improvements extend to the shopping center’s exterior with updated landscaping.

Project Management and Community Engagement

Approval Process

Levin Management Corporation (LMC) has successfully navigated the local zoning and building codes to secure the necessary permits for this project. Additionally, community meetings have been held to gather feedback and ensure that the redevelopment aligns with the interests and needs of local residents.

Construction Management

LMC will help with some of the site work, including excavation, grading, and utility installations, ensuring minimal disruption to existing operations and neighboring businesses. A detailed project timeline with key milestones has been established to keep the redevelopment on schedule and within budget.





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